So you have committed to doing some online ads to promote your business. Whether you have sprung for Facebook ads, a Google Adwords campaign, or even banner ads, you now need to create something that will truly stand out. But what does that look like? Because spending money on online ads only to have them fade into the background of your audience’s psyche really isn’t a choice. Consider these three tips for creating online ads that are actually effective.

Target the right audience with your online ads.

If you sell bouquets, you probably do not want your ads to be seen by people looking to add to their gardens. And if you sell kids clothing, you probably do not want your ad to show up in front of people who are looking for adult sizes. So the first step you need to take to create effective online ads is to target the right audiences.

There are lots of ways to do this. For example, Facebook ads and Google Adwords will let you target your ads based on certain regions, cities, audience characteristics, and keywords. In addition, you will need to write ad copy that speaks to your target audience. For example, the call to action you put out, and even the images you use should tell people exactly who you are and what you offer so only people who really want what you have click on your ads.

If you do not know who your target audience is, then you may need to put your ad campaign on hold while you develop a clearer picture of who you want to target. From interviewing actual customers to paying attention to data about who buys what from your store, you should be able to paint a pretty clear picture of who you want to reach. Only then can you create an online ad that speaks to them.

Create a landing page tailored to your online ad.

Every online ad will need to link to someplace on your website. If you want your ad to deliver the greatest possible number of conversions (people taking action on your website), then create a specific page to link to your online ads. Called a landing page, this location on your website is tailor made for visitors coming from one of your ads. It should use the same language that your ad uses, be developed around specific terms that your audience will be interested in (called keywords) and be focused on directing visitors to a specific action you want them to take.

For example, create a landing page for your florist business’ Valentine’s Day ad that focuses on terms like “romantic Valentine’s Day bouquets” or “red rose arrangements.” Use those terms throughout your landing page. Select images that show off the incredible Valentine’s Day or red rose bouquets your business can make, and use calls to action that encourage visitors to buy one of those arrangements directly from your landing page. Visitors will immediately know they have come to the right place if they land on a page that is clearly related to the ad they clicked on.

Test your online ads.

Finally, try not to settle for the first ad you come up with. While it might be incredible, it also might not be (sorry). Instead, you may need to test several versions of your online ads to pinpoint the ones that will perform the best. This is where platforms like Facebook ads and Google Adwords come in handy. You can get almost immediate, hard facts about how the ads are performing, and you can easily compare ads against each other.

Called A/B testing, this method involves using two different ads and seeing how they perform. You then take the ad that performs the best, and test it against another ad. Continue your testing as you develop new ads or until you are sure you have the online ad that will speak most compellingly to your target audience. It is your money being spent on these ads. It only makes sense to make sure you are getting the biggest bang (or in this case the most conversions) for your buck.

Online ads can be implemented by yourself. However, if you want to enjoy the greatest return on your dollar, and save yourself the time and hassle of learning how to write, create, implement, and test online ads yourself, consider hiring a digital marketing company like Distinct Web Design. We have the expertise to ensure incredible ads for your business, and the ability to tailor our services to both your needs and your budget. Don’t hesitate to reach out today; it could mean the difference between a mediocre online ad campaign and one that makes a real difference for your business.