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Your website is your virtual first impression, so it needs to reflect your brand, voice, and style while also providing you and your users with a functional, user-friendly experience.

DWD can get your new and improved digital marketing presence off to a stylish, effective start with a complete, customized web design. Whether you need a landing page, a mobile website that scales up or down for different displays, or a full-sized traditional website, we offer the perfect combination of design elements, concepts, and coding. You’ll get a standards-compliant, search-friendly site that grabs your target market and keeps them interested until they’re ready to buy.

Added Perks

While we have a plethora of experience and expertise ready to serve you we also have partnerships with many major companies that to add even more value to your organization. This includes Google Ad Grants of $10,000 per month for you to spend, discounted rates on technical support and computers, discounts on QuickBooks, and free graphic design services!

$10,000 Per Month

At No Cost To You!

Magic Phase 1

We call our packaged tiers of service “Magic” because they work invisibly, getting their job done without any attention or effort from you. Once you’ve got your beautifully-designed website, you’re ready to step up to our Magic Tier 1. This tier offers:

Unlimited Website Support – Want to make sure you always have the help you need web-related tasks? We offer support for an unlimited number of tasks (assuming each task takes 30 minutes or less to complete per request).

Basic Marketing Funnel – Are you ready to set your goals to autopilot? Magic Tier 1’s basic marketing funnel service includes custom-made Facebook and Google ads to boost your online conversion rates. You choose your budget level — we’ll put that budget to work targeting and re-targeting your ideal buyers. we even have a partnership with Google to apply for $10,000 per month to spend on your advertising.  That’s not a typo: $10,000 per month for FREE!

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Magic Phase 2

So you want an online marketing package that allows your 501c3 Nonprofit to grow through the growth and cultivation of your digital audience? Then you’re ready to move up to Magic Tier 2. This tier of service includes the same Unlimited Website Support that you get in Tier 1, plus:

Full Paid Marketing Strategy (FPMS) – DWD’s full paid marketing strategy gives you an advanced, curated system for accomplishing your goals. We start with ads directly targeting the people you need to reach on their interests, locations, behaviors, and other key indicators. We also identify the keywords most likely to drive the right traffic to your website, using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising based on those keywords to attract high-quality visitors. You even get a re-marketing campaign to help you recapture and retain previous visitors to your site.

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Magic Phase 3


You plan on relying heavily on your new website as a donation generating tool, you need to make sure it stays as attractive to the major search engines as possible. That’s the special magic of DWD’s Magic Tier 3. In addition to providing you with the Unlimited Website Support and Full Paid Marketing Strategy (FPMS) of Tier 2, you get:

SEO Support – When the search engines notice you, so you the potential customers who use those search engines every day to find what they want. But SEO (search engine optimization) is a moving target in a dynamic online universe, and that’s where our SEO support steps in.

We can provide an analysis of your site’s current SEO rankings, potential problems, and recommended actions to improve your results. Weekly SEO reports keep you in the know about your keyword rankings and how your site’s visibility stacks up to the competition. We’ll integrate your site with Google Analytics and Google Search Console so we can track these critical numbers on our end.

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Magic Phase 4

How many “arms” does your web presence have? The most visible and competitive businesses don’t rely solely on their websites to attract visitors — they also make use of popular social media channels. The results of a smart, efficient social media strategy can be truly magical. You can weave that magic into your own marketing spell with the aid of DWD’s top service package, Magic Tier 4. On top of our Unlimited Website Support, Full Paid Marketing Strategy (FPMS), and SEO Support, you’ll benefit from:

Social Media Management – Our all-in-one social media management package covers all the biggest channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We create unique, engaging content specifically designed to draw your ideal customers toward your brand, from product/service descriptions and third-party posts to direct calls to action. (You’ll have the opportunity to review and approve this content on a monthly basis.) We then push this content every day to encourage visits, comments, and interactions. We even offer Facebook ad management and brand monitoring to help optimize your results.

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Funneled Marketing Strategy

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I know precious little about websites outside of that they deliver cat photos. Distinct Web Design made the process of building not only quick and painless, but they were collaborators who made it exactly what I wanted it to be.

Timothy Simons, HBO Series Veep

We had 40 web orders in the 8 days! Thanks Distinct for a great week of sales during Mother’s Day 2016! Loved the exposure you allowed our business through Facebook ads promoting our new website!

Jenny Sullivan, Owner, Eitel's & Co (100+ Years in Business)

Words do not adequately express my gratitude to Andrew and Vincent, of Distinct Web Design. Their assistance, knowledge, and skills in technology, greatly enhanced the communication of my message during my campaign. Their response time was phenomenal! I would highly recommend them for a variety of services

Kim Fidler, Candidate for Indiana State House of Representatives

Working with DWD and Vince was a great pleasure. He was very responsive to all of our wants and concerns and guided us through the process. We wanted to add features to our page and make some updates and he was able to accomplish that and still have time to teach and educate us on things we needed to know. Great company and hope to do business with them for many years to come.

Shane Johnson, Treasurer - United Way of Putnam Country

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