‘Tis the season to be jolly, and who better to share the joy with than your social media networks? The modern day grapevine is the perfect place to spread good cheer and a good word about your business.

If you have a social media marketing strategy in place, it is time to inject some holiday flair into it. If you don’t have a campaign set up, there is no better time to get started. Try out these festive ideas for a social media marketing campaign that is as merry and bright as the season is. 

Host a holiday giveaway.

One of the biggest holiday traditions is gift giving. That is why consumers spend billions of dollars throughout the holiday season. 

People don’t just like to give gifts, though. They like to receive them, too. Don’t just expect them to purchase gifts from you. Give them gifts as well. Do it over social media for a far-reaching way to get people’s attention. 

Social media marketing giveaways can work in a couple of different ways. You can give away one big prize and have consumers compete. For example, have everyone who comments on or likes a certain post earn entry into a drawing. Run a contest to see who can turn in the most creative idea for using your products. The sky is the limit, and the prize is the key to earning people’s excited participation.

Alternatively, you can give away a small gift to everyone in a certain group. Say, for example, that anyone who comments on your post, signs up for your email list, or makes a purchase of a certain amount receives a gift. You earn sales and contact information, and consumers walk away with the warm fuzzy feeling a present imparts.  

Share holiday content. 

Don’t pretend you don’t know what time of year it is on social media. Instead, embrace the season by sharing holiday content with your followers. 

You can get this content from a number of places. You can share posts and articles from others that you find particularly useful (as long as you are not sharing content from competitors). You can create your own content, in the form of videos, blog posts, podcasts, etc. You can even encourage user-generated content that encourages participation from your social media followers. 

The important thing is that this content have a holiday focus. For example, if you own a hardware store, you might write a blog about home repair projects to complete before holiday company arrives. Harnessing holiday themes for your content allows you to offer people content that is relevant and interesting to their current shopping journey. 

Create a holiday hashtag. 

Social media marketing works best when you can create a conversation among your followers. One way to create engagement and interaction around the holidays is to create a festive hashtag. This hashtag encourages people to start talking about particular topics and has the potential to spread the conversation (and therefore information about your brand) farther than it would have spread otherwise. 

When choosing this hashtag, be creative, relevant, and unique. Don’t be afraid of humor. Just make sure your hashtag is also appropriate and easily traced back to your brand. This hashtag can also serve as a fun way to solicit user-generated content. Simply have people post pictures, videos, thoughts, or ideas alongside the hashtag. 

Have fun with the holidays. 

Your holiday social media marketing campaign doesn’t have to be all business. You can and should have some fun with your holiday campaign. To that end, try putting up short and sweet opportunities to engage with your audiences. Here are some examples of engaging and enjoyable content you can make a part of your social media marketing campaign: 

  • Polls 
  • Questions
  • Memes
  • Jokes
  • Images

For example, if you run a florist shop, post a poll about people’s favorite winter flowers. Ask for stories about favorite winter decorating traditions. Post images of your favorite arrangements. The key is to keep it holiday focused, lighthearted, and open-ended so people feel comfortable reaching out to your business to share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. 

With the holidays upon us, you have the perfect opportunity to create a holiday-focused social media marketing campaign. This campaign allows you to engage with and have fun with customers and potential customers in a way that makes them want to learn more about your business. 

If you want to inject a little holiday cheer into your social media marketing campaign, try hosting a holiday giveaway, share holiday content, create a holiday hashtag, and have fun with your posts and initiatives. If you need help developing this campaign, reach out to Distinct Web Design. We can help you create not only a strong social media marketing campaign but help you develop a well-rounded digital marketing campaign that allows your business to improve its online presence, earn leads and sales, and thrive.