Google advertising gets a lot of attention in discussions of affordable digital marketing strategies, and with good reason. Even just a few hundred dollars a month (or even less) spent on Google advertising has the potential to earn you profits. Here are the biggest ways Google AdWords allows you to advertise effectively on a budget. 

Google AdWords lets you set an average daily budget.

Every business will have a different budget. Being able to advertise effectively within that budget is vital. Unfortunately, that budget is often very small for small businesses and startups. With regular advertising, a couple hundred dollars would barely be enough to purchase a traditional ad or two. It would never be enough to consistently get your business in front of your target audience.

Google AdWords, however, is different. With Google advertising, you can set your own budget. No minimums are required to start creating ads targeted at your audiences. Instead, you tell Google how much you want to spend every day. Google, in response, will make sure that, over the course of the month, you do not average more than that amount. Want to spend $5 a day? Want to spend $500 a day? Both are possible with Google AdWords. 

Google AdWords lets you set an average monthly budget.

In addition to allowing you to control your budget by letting you set a daily budget, Google advertising also allows you to set a monthly budget. 

As with the daily budget, Google will deliver ads until your monthly budget is met and will try to divide your monthly budget up evenly over the course of the month. For example, if you budget $500 a month, Google will divide 500 by the average number of days in a month, 30.4, and use about $16 a day over the course of the month. 

Google AdWords lets you change your budget anytime.

Choosing a daily or monthly budget for your campaign is easier because Google AdWords lets you change your budget at any time. You can even change your budget for a campaign multiple times a day if you wish. Based on when you change your budget, Google AdWords will immediately implement your changes. 

For example, if you change your daily limit in the middle of the day, Google AdWords will use about 50 percent of the new amount in the afternoon. If you change your budget partway through the month, Google AdWords will spend that average amount on each day that is left in the month. 

Being able to change your budget at any time gives you the opportunity to focus your spending where you see results. For example, if one set of keywords is performing particularly well, you can increase that campaign’s budget. At the same time, you can decrease spending on campaigns that are not yielding desirable results and avoid wasting money on ineffective ads. 

Google AdWords only charges you for results. 

One of the most useful budget-friendly aspects of Google advertising is the fact that Google only charges you for results. Most commonly, you can pay per click. This means that you only pay for your ad when someone clicks on it.

Paying per click is cost-effective because it means you pay for qualified leads. You only pay when someone is interested enough in your ad to find out more about your business. That means you only pay for leads that have a strong chance of becoming conversions. 

Google AdWords offers a number of features that make it a budget friendly and cost effective way to advertise. If you want to find out more about how Google advertising can make the most of your budget, reach out to Distinct Web Design. As a Google Partner, we can answer your questions and offer you the support you need to create an effective campaign.