Think about the last time you clicked on an ad. What made you decide to take the plunge? We are willing to bet it was the headline. As the first impression people have of your ad, the headline is pretty important.

Lucky for you, there are a few tricks to writing a great AdWords headline. Use that headline’s 25 characters to grab attention and make conversions.

Include your Google AdWords keyword.

If you are doing Google AdWords right, you have certain search terms, called keywords, that you are using to make sure your ad gets in front of your target audience. For example, you may be using “custom bouquets” to get your ad in front of people looking for custom floral arrangements.

A Google AdWords headline should take full advantage of this keyword. A strong headline for your florist shop, for example, would include “custom bouquets.” This keyword will get the attention of your target audience and immediately let them know what your ad is about.

You may find that some keywords are too long to easily fit in the headline, especially if you want your headline to consist of more than just your keyword. At these times, you may want to use just part of your keyword in the headline. For example, use just “custom bouquets” instead of “custom bouquets, Greencastle, Indiana.”

Be specific with your Google AdWords headline.

Since you only have about 30 characters to catch people’s attention, you want to say as much as possible with the space that you have. You have to make every word of your Google AdWords headline count.

As a result, you need to go beyond generic promises and deliver text that is specific. For example, research has shown that ads which include non round numbers perform better than do ads with rounded numbers or ads with no numbers at all.

For example, consider including the exact number of custom bouquets your florist shop has created. Or, make your discount the feature of the headline. Specific, focused language will go a long way toward creating a Google AdWords ad that converts.

Match your AdWords headline with your AdWords content.

Your headline will deliver the message that keeps people reading. Just make sure that message matches with the rest of your Google AdWords ad.

People want to know that they can trust you to be honest and dependable. And, if they stop to read your ad because of what the headline says, they expect you to deliver with an ad that matches. If you don’t, you can expect to lose people’s interest, and trust, very quickly.

For example, say your headline promises custom bouquets delivered within 2 hours. The content of your ad, then, should not discuss your ready made bouquets or your call ahead service. Instead, it should discuss the custom bouquets you offer customers.

Match your AdWords headline with your audience.

If you are doing your Google AdWords ad right, you will be targeting a specific audience. They will have their own unique needs, expectations, and preferences. Catering to these needs means developing an ad that they will find useful and relevant. Your Google AdWords headline should, therefore, tell your audience that this ad is for them.

You may want to show your audience that you plan to solve a problem they have. You may want to reassure them that your services fit into their budgets. You may want to demonstrate that you understand where they are coming from.

For example, if your target audience wants custom bouquets quickly, you may want your ad to reflect this need. Try a headline like “Enjoy 2-hour custom bouquets.”

Alternatively, you can ask a question to get your target audience thinking. For example, try a headline like “Need custom flowers fast?” The key is to deliver a message that your audience will find relevant and interesting enough to keep reading.

Your Google AdWords headlines will encourage people to keep reading, or convince them to move on to another ad. Make these headlines compelling by using your keyword, using specific language, matching the headline to the ad, and speaking to your target audience. If you need help with your Google AdWords headlines, or any other part of your Google AdWords campaign, let us know. Here at Distinct, as a certified Google Partner, we offer you expert support and some pretty sweet advantages (like direct access to Google) to make your Google AdWords campaigns as amazing as your business.