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Creating an incredible website is only the beginning when it comes to crafting an effective online presence. Once that website is up and running, you need to maintain it with fresh images and relevant content if you expect people to be consistently wowed (and moved to action).

That is why you need a digital marketing agency, like Distinct Web Design, that can offer you regular and ongoing website maintenance. And part of that maintenance should include the option of requesting revisions to your site whenever you need an updated look or new content. Here are a few reasons to consider revisions for your site.

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Request revisions when you need fresh content.

There are many reasons that your content needs may change. For example, information may become outdated, irrelevant, or inaccurate. When these changes occur, you need to update your web pages. Otherwise, you may end up confusing or losing customers who depend on your website content to be accurate.

In addition, fresh content is valuable from a search engine optimization standpoint. The more frequently you can provide fresh material on your site, the more frequently search engines will look at your website and update your rankings in the search results. In addition, fresh content tells search engines that your site is active and relevant, which can also help you get better rankings.

Request revisions when you need new images.

Content isn’t the only reason you may need to request revisions to your website. Your images also play a large role in the impression visitors have of your site. If they end up on your site and find outdated pictures, they won’t be likely to stay long.

For example, say you tweak your logo. Pages that sport that logo will need to be updated. Say you need to change your homepage from a holiday theme to a New Year theme. You need to get that job done before it looks like you forgot what season it was. New photos of products, seasonal images, and more may all require updating on your site.

Request revisions when products change.

Over time, the products on your website will change. You will add or take away products, or the look or details about a product may change. For example, the colors that a piece of clothing is available in may not stay the same.

At these times, you will need to revise the relevant pages on your site to reflect these changes. When your site reflects updated information, you will not only win the trust of your customers but also their business. The right revisions can earn you money.

When maintaining your website includes revisions as needed, you can keep up a look and present information that is appealing and accurate. If you need a partner in this endeavor, do not hesitate to reach out to Distinct Web Design. We offer regular maintenance plans that allow you to revise your webpages when needed to ensure accurate content, images, and products.

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Working with DWD and Vince was a great pleasure. He was very responsive to all of our wants and concerns and guided us through the process. We wanted to add features to our page and make some updates and he was able to accomplish that and still have time to teach and educate us on things we needed to know. Great company and hope to do business with them for many years to come.

Shane Johnson, Treasurer - United Way of Putnam Country

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