A Google AdWords campaign is a wonderful opportunity to get your brand in front of the people who want your products or services. Even better, Google allows you to target your ads to certain demographics, based on location as well as on many other factors.

The question, though, is, do you know who you want to target? Unless you have a clear idea of who you want to reach, your Google AdWords campaign will be little more than a shot in the dark.

Shed some light on the matter by creating buyer personas for your campaign. These personas are descriptions, complete with names and even pictures, of the type of customers you hope to reach with your Google AdWords campaign. Don’t know how to put together a buyer persona? Here is the process, simplified into three steps to get you started.

Create a template.

The first step in creating a buyer persona for your Google AdWords campaign is to create a template. This template is simply an outline of the information you want to gather for each persona.

Once you gather all of the information in the template, you should have a clear idea of who this customer is, what motivates them, how they will benefit from your products or services, and what approach you should take in marketing to them.

For example, most buyer personas use the following information:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income Level
  • Profession
  • Salary
  • Location
  • Family
  • Values
  • Pain Points
  • Marketing Message
  • Persona Name
  • Persona Picture

There are many buyer persona templates available. However, most of these are very general outlines. They provide a place to start but do not offer you a comprehensive list of what you need to know for your personas.

As a result, you should go beyond general templates and create a template designed specifically for your business. For example, say you run a roofing business. You may need to know details such as the following about your buyer personas:

  • Age of House
  • Reason for Roof Replacement
  • Type of Community
  • Type of House/Roof
  • Preferred Styles
  • Budget Considerations

Once you have a comprehensive template created, you can turn your focus toward filling out that template.

Collect the information on the template.

The next step in creating your buyer persona is to collect the information on your template. This step should not be completed alone in your office. It should also not be completed using what you think you know about your target audiences. Instead, you will need to collect hard data from a variety of sources in order to ensure you have accurate, complete information about your target audience.

The best place to get information about your customers is from your customers. Start, therefore, by talking to the people who already buy from your business. There are several ways to do so:

  • Emails
  • In person chats
  • Online surveys
  • Phone calls
  • Online customer testimonials (both good and bad)
  • Google analytics

You can also gather information by talking to people who are not yet your customers but who are part of one of your target audiences. For example, you can reach out to leads to learn more about who they are and what they need. Talking to your sales staff can also garner you valuable insights.

Once you have collected all the information you need, you can put that information together into clearly defined personas.

Put the information into your template.

Plugging the information you have garnered into your buyer persona will help you develop a clear picture of who your target audiences are. However, your buyer persona needs to be more than a list of facts about one of your target audiences. It needs to be a description of how to reach that audience as well.

This means that your buyer persona is not complete until it includes a brief description of the best way to market to that target audience.  With concrete ideas and some governing principles in place, you can more successfully reach out to your desired audiences.

As you may have realized by now, creating a buyer persona is a lot of work. However, it is time and energy well spent. A carefully crafted persona will give you valuable insights into who you are targeting with your Google AdWords campaign and how to target them.

However, you may need help once these personas are finished in order to implement an effective Google AdWords campaign. Let us here at Distinct Web Design give you that help. We can put together a Google AdWords campaign that will reach every one of your target audiences.