What is the first thing to come to mind when you think about digital marketing? If videos did not make the list, you are not alone. Many businesses still think of online marketing as a series of banner ads and maybe a website. 

The reality, however, is that online marketing does better when it is engaging and interactive. And, there are few strategies as engaging and interactive as the video. 

Do you need more convincing? Then consider these insights regarding videos and their impact on digital marketing in 2020.

Insight 1: Videos sell products.

Videos entertain, for sure. That is often the reason that people watch them in the first place. The reality, however, is that videos are also really good at convincing people to buy stuff.

Consider, for example, the fact that 64 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after they watch a video about it. Consider too the fact that an even larger percentage of consumers (90 percent) find videos helpful in guiding their buying decisions. When a video can have that kind of influence over that many people, you definitely want to pay attention (and start recording).

Insight 2: Videos are very popular.

Considering the statistics above, this may come as no surprise, but people really like videos. Here are just a few statistics that demonstrate the popularity of video:

  • 45 percent of people watch at least an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.
  • Users share videos 1,200 percent more than they share other types of content on social media.
  • By 2022, videos per will comprise 82 percent of website traffic.
  • Mobile video viewing has been increasing by 100 percent every single year. 
  • 55 percent of people who watch videos watch them every day.

Video is here to stay. Its unique power to engage makes it the ideal medium for some savvy marketing. 

Insight 3: Long-form videos are gaining traction. 

For a long time, short videos have reigned, and with good reason. Most people like shorter clips. In fact, Instagram videos perform best when they are less than 30 seconds long. 

However, despite the popularity of short videos, long videos actually deliver strong results. On YouTube, for example, videos between 5 and 7 minutes perform best. 

Perhaps even more striking is the fact that, in 2017, videos of more than 15 minutes drove 50 percent engagement, while videos shorter than 5 minutes drove only 33 percent engagement. 

As 2020 looms, businesses may want to consider the value of investing in some longer videos as part of their online marketing efforts. These videos may not be viewed as often as shorter videos, but they have the potential to drive greater results for businesses. 

Insight 4: Video is an effective way to reach mobile users. 

As mentioned above, the consumption of videos on mobile devices increases by 100 percent every year. In addition, 92 percent of users share videos that they find online. 

These statistics show that video can be an effective way for businesses to communicate with their mobile users. With mobile use exceeding desktop use, businesses must find ways to reach consumers on their mobile devices. Videos can be a good way to achieve this goal. 

Insight 5: Video helps people remember. 

One of the secrets to good online marketing is to get the consumer to remember your brand from the thousands of other brands to which they are exposed. 

Video can help your brand to stick with consumers. When people watch a video, they remember about 95 percent of what they see. If you allow them to see your brand through savvy digital marketing, you improve your chances of earning the profits you want to see.

Insight 6: Videos appear across every online channel. 

Online marketing embraces a wide variety of channels, from Google to social media. Video makes the perfect online marketing tool because it, too, can be used across a wide variety of channels. 

For example, videos appear, and are consumed, across all social media channels, from Twitter to Instagram. They can appear on websites. They can be included in ads. 

People aren’t even growing tired of seeing videos appear everywhere. Most people say that they want more video content, not less. Videos may be ubiquitous, but there is clearly room for more. No matter where you focus your online marketing efforts, you can be sure that videos will fit in nicely. 

Videos are powerful, engaging, and widespread. People use them for everything from looking up how to use an items to deciding which items to buy.

If you need help creating a video campaign, reach out to Distinct Web Design. We can help you to develop an online marketing campaign that works for your business, and that includes the power of video.