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Website Management: Basic Tasks

Did you know that when you allow Distinct Web Design to maintain your website, you enjoy direct access to a website manager?

 This professional does quite a bit to keep your site in top working order. And by allowing you to work directly with them, we can guarantee you a site that is always working on your company’s behalf. Here are the basic tasks your website manager can complete for you.

The website manager will monitor your site’s functionality.

Downtime means lost business. Your website manager can monitor your site’s functionality to ensure that it runs smoothly all the time. For example, they may search regularly for broken links, deal with dead pages, check the servers to make sure they are up and running, and deal with any downtime immediately, at any time of the day or night.

The website manager will implement updates.

Updates are important in both keeping your website running and in ensuring its security. For example, WordPress plugins often require security updates to prevent hacking. Staying on top of all the updates for every element of your site can be difficult when you are busy running an amazing business, so your website manager typically handles these for you.

The website manager will complete backups.

Backups are copies of your website and its content that you can use in the event that part or all of your website is lost due to hacking or errors. These things happen: Pixar once lost almost all of its Toy Story 2 draft through an unfortunate employee’s actions. Ensuring regular backups means that this kind of potential catastrophe becomes merely an inconvenience as your web design team quickly uses the backup to get your website running smoothly again.

The website manager will ensure your site’s security.

As a small business, you deal regularly with people’s private data. Keeping that information locked down is paramount in keeping your customers’ trust, and business. Your website manager will ensure that at every level, from your web host to your plugins, that data is kept secure and your site is kept safe from hacking.

The website manager will assist you with design and content updates.

A static site quickly becomes an outdated site. If you want to keep your website fresh and relevant, you need regular updates in both design and content. Your website manager and digital marketing team will help you do both on a schedule that works for your business.

The website manager will assist you with digital marketing.

Some website managers only handle the technical side of your website. Here at Distinct, however, we concern ourselves with every element of your site, including pieces like search engine optimization. We can help you ensure a digital marketing strategy, including SEO, that will give your website, and your business, a compelling online presence. Just ask us about our Google AdWords expertise, social media campaigns, and other strategies to get your website in front of your target audience.

The website manager will track data and analytics.

Your website’s performance in areas like visitors, conversions, bounce rate, time spent on page, and more will tell you whether or not you are reaching your target audience and offering them a compelling reason to interact with your business. Your website manager can help you track the data and analytics that will build this type of insightful look into your website’s performance. And, they can help you understand the data you are looking at so you can make smart decisions about how to continue handling your site.

Website managers have a lot of offer small businesses looking to maintain an incredible online presence through their websites. Don’t settle for a company that just sets up your site and leaves you to manage it on your own. Instead, let us here at Distinct not only set you up with a compelling site but help you manage it over the long term with direct access to a website manager and all the expertise they can provide.

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I know precious little about websites outside of that they deliver cat photos. Distinct Web Design made the process of building elevatedtrain.com not only quick and painless, but they were collaborators who made it exactly what I wanted it to be.

Timothy Simons, HBO Series Veep

We had 40 web orders in the 8 days! Thanks Distinct for a great week of sales during Mother’s Day 2016! Loved the exposure you allowed our business through Facebook ads promoting our new website!

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Working with DWD and Vince was a great pleasure. He was very responsive to all of our wants and concerns and guided us through the process. We wanted to add features to our page and make some updates and he was able to accomplish that and still have time to teach and educate us on things we needed to know. Great company and hope to do business with them for many years to come.

Shane Johnson, Treasurer - United Way of Putnam Country

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