When you want to put up a building, you use a contractor. When you need a garden planted in the backyard, you hire a landscaper. When you need wiring in your house, you call an electrician. When you need a website, you hire a web developer.

What happens, though, when you already have a working website? Can a web developer still offer you valuable services? 

In short, the answer is yes, because web developers are awesome. For a more detailed answer, though, keep reading.

A web development company can offer insights about your website. 

You like how your website works and you think it’s generating visitors and conversions for your business. Are you sure, though, that it couldn’t be doing better? An expert eye might be able to identify areas that are weak and offer ideas for improving your website’s performance.

A web developer is this expert eye. They don’t just put web designs into practice. Thanks to their experience in the industry, they can tweak, build, and edit designs to make them work better. They can even alert you to tools and strategies that can enhance your website’s performance. 

The advantage of having a web development company look at your site is that they can do all these things because of their experience in the field. Don’t be surprised if they come up with suggestions that never even crossed your mind. 

A web development company can implement a redesign.

Of course, a web development company can do more than make suggestions about how to improve your website. They can actually help you implement those changes in the form of a website refresh or website redesign. 

Identifying the changes you need to make to your website is usually the first step in the refresh/redesign process. Once those changes are identified, then the web development company can figure out the most effective way to make those changes to your site.

The methods the web development company uses will depend on your particular site and its needs. Extensive changes for a website that is undergoing a rebranding might mean a new CMS and a total rebuild. Minor color changes might just require a tweak to the coding. Luckily, you don’t have to be the one to figure out the answer. Your web development company will do that for you. 

A web development company can update your website.

A web development company is always happy to build a website from scratch. However, many existing websites can benefit from a web development company because they need certain updates. For example, if you haven’t made changes to your site in more than a year, you’ll want to reach out to a web development company to get some help polishing up the look and function of your site. 

Why does a website need regular updates? Because web design is always changing. Best practices and trends are new almost every year. Search engines like Google change the requirements for how they rank websites in the search results, and many of these changes affect web design. After a year or two, a website that hasn’t made any updates begins to show its age. A refresh or redesign is necessary in order to keep it looking great.

A web development company can complete this website makeover for you. They can identify the updates you should make and then implement those updates so your site enjoys a fresh, engaging new look.

A web development company often offers a range of services

Web development isn’t always the only service offered by a web development company. In order to ensure you enjoy everything you need for a successful online presence, many web development companies offer additional services.

For example, here at Distinct Web Design, we don’t just offer web development. We also offer a full range of digital marketing support to help you build a compelling online presence. We can help you create a marketing funnel, pursue social media marketing, run a Google AdWords campaign, and more. These services allow you to address your online presence as an integrated whole instead of as a fragmented collection of individual pursuits.

Don’t assume you don’t need a web developer just because you already have a website. There are ways a web development company can help you transform your site. From helping you identify areas of improvement to offering you a range of services, a web development company can help your online presence succeed.