It’s time. You’ve researched the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency and you are ready to get your digital marketing campaign off the ground with some professional help. But a quick Google search brings up a half dozen agencies in your area. How do you ever decide?

You need a list of the most important qualities a digital marketing agency should have. It might take a little bit of time and research, but this list should get you started.

Look for a digital marketing agency that has experience in your niche.

You’re going to be depending on your digital marketing agency for a lot. You need to make sure they “get” the ins and outs of your industry. The best way to ensure that is to find an agency that has experience in your niche.

Check the agency’s references and projects in your niche. You want to make sure that they not only have experience in your industry but that they also do a good job.

Look for a digital marketing agency that has broad experience.

It’s great to find a digital marketing agency that has worked within your industry before. But, you might not be so happy if they can’t bring refreshing new ideas to your marketing campaigns. And heaven forbid you expand or change your focus. All of a sudden your agency’s expertise is feeling a little thin.

Instead, look for a digital marketing agency that combines both experience in your niche with broader experience. That kind of experience will give your agency exposure to a variety of situations and challenges, as well as tools and solutions, that can serve you well no matter what your digital marketing campaign looks like.

Look for a digital marketing agency that combines value and affordability.

You could go to the Dollar Store to buy makeup but when you want quality, you go to a makeup consultant. When it comes to a digital marketing agency, you could go with the cheapest option, but we suspect you want more than a Dollar Store marketing experience.

However, we also know that budgets are important. You can’t always hire the most expensive agency out there. And you probably wouldn’t want to, anyway. Chances are, you can get the same or better services for less money.

Instead, when you are looking for a digital marketing agency, look for a combination of value and affordability. The right digital marketing agency will deliver incredible service and results for a price you can afford.

Look for a digital marketing agency that practices what it preaches.

You’ve found a digital marketing agency that looks great on paper. And they are affordable. But, their social media presence is non-existent and their website looks outdated. Don’t overlook those red flags. The first place to look to get an idea of a digital marketing agency’s abilities is its own online presence.

The right digital marketing agency is going to practice what it preaches in terms of its online presence. This means they should have an active social media presence, a modern website, and a presence on Google that is relatively easy to find. If you can find a digital marketing agency that has this sort of compelling online presence, you can be sure they have the skills to help you with your own digital marketing.

Look for a digital marketing agency with a strong reputation.

One of the best ways to determine how effective a digital marketing agency is is to hear what others have to say about them. In particular, you should talk with some of their customers (the agency can give you a list of references). Make sure you know what the project was, the timeliness and responsiveness of the agency, the effectiveness of the work, the client’s level of satisfaction, and any other information that you feel will be helpful.

In addition to speaking with the digital marketing agency’s referrals, see what people have to say about them online. Social media and review sites make excellent places to find an honest perspective on any company you are considering.

When you go to hire a digital marketing agency, try to find one with both local and broad expertise, that combines value and affordability, that practices what it preaches, and that has a solid reputation. In fact, consider Distinct Web Design. With years of experience under our belts, we can offer you the marketing experience you need to get your online presence up and running.