Blogging can be a profitable pursuit for small businesses. After all, any pursuit that has the potential to increase your leads by 67 percent is worth trying out. However, it might also feel a little strange. Will anyone actually care about what you have to say? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Here are just a few of the benefits of embracing blogging as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Blogging creates fresh content for SEO.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essentially the practice of getting search engines to notice your website and suggest it as a resource for people entering certain search terms. For example, if you are a jeweler in Lafayette, you want search engines to include your website in the search results for terms such as “Diamond jewelry, Lafayette, IN.”


Guess what catches the search engines’ “eye” (also known as crawlers)? Fresh content. When you update your website regularly with blogs about diamond jewelry, and the other products you offer, you show the search engines that your website is the place to go for updated and relevant information. And that makes the search engines far more eager to suggest your website to their users. Talk about a digital marketing win.

Blogging cultivates relationships with potential customers.

Who would you rather sell your products and services to? Someone who understands your business already or somebody who just walked in off the street? We are guessing the educated consumer, because they are more likely to already know that your business has what they need.


Blogging can help you get your leads to that educated and eager point. How? By giving them information about your business before they ever decide to reach out to your sales team.


Essentially, your blog can serve as a relationship builder for your digital marketing campaign. The more they read, the more potential customers learn about your business, and, if you are doing it right, the more they grow to enjoy your company.

Blogging encourages conversions.

The profit you are seeking from your company occurs when people convert. Whether they make a purchase, sign up for an email list, or take advantage of a special offer, conversions drive business (and make you money).


So what can help you convince more people to convert? You guessed it: Blogging. In fact, businesses that blog enjoy a 13 percent greater ROI than businesses that do not. That means that blogging makes your digital marketing efforts even more productive than they would have been without consistently fresh material.


How do you use your blog to drive conversions? Part of the secret is simply building those relationships with consumers. When they receive lots of great information from you, they are more likely to turn to you when they need your products and services.


Another part of blogging’s ability to drive conversions is the call to action. Every blog can encourage readers to take a concrete step to engage with your business. For example, direct them to a product you are discussing in your blog. Send them to your contact page, or ask them to register for your email list. You might be surprised at how many people will take you up on your offer.

Blogging establishes your business as a thought leader.

Finally, blogging is a great addition to your digital marketing strategy because it establishes your business as a thought leader in your field.


What does that mean? Essentially, by sharing your expertise consistently with your blog readers, you establish yourself as a business that is an expert in your field. That reputation will make readers feel much more confident about purchasing products and services from you. Because who doesn’t want to benefit from the expertise of industry leaders?

Blogging provides content for social media and other digital marketing efforts.

Finally, blogging can be good for your digital marketing endeavors because it provides content that you can use in those endeavors.


For example, social media is an effective way to inexpensively market your brand to large networks of potential customers. Instead of coming up with new content for every post, you can populate your social media platforms with your blog posts.


By combining your social media and blogging efforts, you multiply their effectiveness. You ensure that your fresh, relevant content is getting out to large networks of people who can spread it further, visit your site, and convert.


Blogging has a great deal of potential for your digital marketing campaign. By providing fresh content for SEO, cultivating relationships with potential customers, encouraging conversions, establishing your company as a thought leader, and providing content for your social media marketing campaign, blogging can improve your brand reputation, leads, and conversions.


If you are ready to add blogging to your website, let Distinct Web Design help. From design to content creation, we have the tools you need to enhance your digital marketing with incredible content.